Apr 29, 2020 BUSINESS

How to choose pancake slip ring

Let us have a better understanding of Pancake slip rings. As the name implies, slip rings are devices that have a ring that rotates or slip visit here. Therefore, pancake slip rings are those types of slip rings that have a flat surface and a negligible height, just like a pancake. As is known, a slip ring is a tool used to transmit electrical signals from a fixed part of a device to a rotating part. However, the question has always risen about why we don’t use wires since we are transferring electrical current. The obvious answer is that cables are only suited for transferring electrical signals between static parts and cannot be used in scenarios where a rotational part is needed hence the reason for using pancake slip rings or slip rings in general.

Pancake slip rings are devices that transmit electrical signals between the stationary and rotating parts of a machine at a negligible height.

The working principle of pancake slip ring
Pancake slip rings also work with the principle of high voltage just like other slip rinds. The two parts of pancake slip rings include a rotating and a stationary part. The stationary part of pancake slip rings is made with graphite or other good conducting metallic material. The fiber brush technology is used in the design of pancake slip rings.

The structure of these slip rings is less complex when compared with other types of slip rings. The metal rings are connected to a shaft while the material for conduction is connected to a flat plate. The diameter and volume of pancake slip rings vary with requirement and application. However, some special metallic materials are used for the connection.

Applications of pancake slip rings
Pancake slip rings have a wide range of applications. They are used in several electromechanical gadgets where there is a limited height space. The base structure of pancake slip rings ensures that they are well suited for this purpose. The areas of application of these slip rings include the following:

· They are used in electromechanical devices where the height requirement is low.
· They are also used in designing offshore cranes.
· They are used in applications where less height and low, medium speed are required.
· Due to their ability to rotate heavy mass, they are used in automobile showrooms. In these showrooms, vehicles are made to rotate, which makes pancake slip rings a viable choice.
· The disc found in a microwave oven can rotate because of the presence of pancake slip rings.

Advantages of using pancake slip rings
The advantages of using pancake slip rings are numerous. The benefits of using these slip rings make them suitable for use over a wide range of application, and they include the following:

· Pancake slip rings are known to less friction, coupled with low torque and reduced electric noise.
· They are designed using the principle of high vacuum technology and specialized metallic brushes that help to improve rotating performance.
· They are capable of transmitting signals pneumatic or hydraulic signals in a fluid media.
· When combined with silver, they are capable of producing efficient results.
· Pancake slip rings are durable if they are well maintained.

Factors to consider when selecting pancake slip rings
Before selecting or buying a pancake slip ring, you have to consider some certain factors. These factors will help determine the performance and durability of your pancake slip rings. The factors that should influence your choice of pancake slip rings include the following:

· Temperature consideration

· Speed of Rotation

· High Altitude

A pancake slip rings derive its name from its disc-like and flat shape. It is responsible for transmitting electrical signals from the fixed position of the device to the rotating part. These slip rings are designed using advance technology for fiber brush. They are used in applications where a minimum height is required.