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How about pancake slip ring

Pancake slip rings play a crucial role in rotary joints that have vertical space limitations. The disk-like design is specifically meant to fit in narrow horizontal spaces. However, so many applications demand the use of such slip rings.  As such, there are various types and models for pancake slip rings, which are standard choices in alternators, mechanical motors, wind turbines, and various other applications with limited vertical space.  A standard flat disc electrical slip ring/pancake slip ring comes with specifications optimized for popular electrical and mechanical motors and systems. Brands also reflect various edges, so you can compare top-rated offers to find reliable vendors and manufacturers. Here are some insights to help you choose the right pancake slip ring for your device.


Compare your slip ring options

There are various types of slip rings in the market, so unless you are replacing an old or faulty pancake slip ring, it is essential to compare your options. All slip rings, with a few exceptions, are designed to transmit power or data signals between stationary and rotating parts. Some can transmit both power and data signals. The popular slip rings include through-hole, pancake, PCB, miniature, FORJs, and USB slip rings. Each device is designed for installation in specific equipment and operating environment. Pancake slip rings https://www.grandslipring.com/pancake-slip-ring/ are generally designed for spaces with limited vertical space and derive the name from their flat, disk-like shape. Some of their inherent benefits include:


Long-lasting metallic brushes

Low friction, resistance, torque, and electrical noise

Applicable in pneumatic and hydraulic rotary joints used in fluid media

Despite the merits of pancake slip rings, the design doesn’t suit all applications, especially those that require high-frequency transmission. Most pancake slip rings aren’t as strong as high voltage alternatives, so it is always important to check if a pancake design is what you need for your application.


Note down your pancake slip ring specifications

All slip rings, including pancake models, are application-specific, so it is always important to note down all the required specifications. This includes the volume, diameter, material canvas, current, channels, and more. Equipment specifications and application environment will determine the features needed. You can also use general specifications provided for standard pancake rotary joints. Some of the crucial specs to review include


  1. Electrical specifications

Electrical slip rings include the number of circuits, current rating per circuit, voltage rating, dielectric strength, and so forth. Standard pancake slip rings have a current rating of 5-20A per circuit and can carry up to 48 circuits. Other standard electrical specifications include:


Voltage rating at 240/440 VAC/DC,

Dielectric < 500V at 50HZ

Electrical noise maximum 10micro ohm

Insulation resistance 1000M ohm

Your application might demand different electrical specifications, so it is essential to note down every detail in the instruction you send to the manufacturer.


  1. Mechanical specifications

Mechanical specifications include material used for the slip ring, diameter, thickness, operating temperature, insulation, and weatherproofing requirements, among others. A typical pancake slip ring will feature the following mechanical specifications:


Diameter range 7mm – 80mm

Thickness 20mm – 91.9mm

Gold contact surfaces

Aluminum housing

Temperature ranges -30°C – +80°C

There are several other mechanical specifications you might require because of the equipment and operating environment the slip ring will be installed. Pancake slip rings are available in more than 18 typefaces designed for different applications. As such, you should focus on finding specifications optimized for your machinery.


Choosing the ideal pancake slip rings

The best approach to getting the perfect pancake slip ring with precise specifications you are looking for involves listing your unique needs. Make sure you know the pancake slip ring design and specifications you want for your device. You should also compare top brands and popular series to determine the differences from one model to the next. Some of the popular pancake slip rings include Senring SNK series, JINPAT LPK Series, and Mouflon MP 220 Series. You can also find functional models from Rotarx and other popular manufacturers. Here are some general tips to help you select a pancake slip ring that fits your needs:


Choose slip rings with weatherproof and insulation properties for outdoor installation.

For slip rings installed in mining, heights, and blast equipment, make sure the manufacturer knows about this requirement to integrate fundamental features required for the harsh conditions.

Find the right rotation per minute (RPM) according to your machinery specifications, since some need higher or lower RPM for optimal performance.