Aug 07, 2020 TRAVEL

Instant Bingo Scratch Lottery Game

One of the best things about scratch off lotteries, apart from the possiblity to win cash, is that they are fun. Scratching off the dull area with a lucky dime or any amount of money is quite habit forming (Of course, you can use your fingernail too, but you should use a lucky coin – it’s better), but people adore it. Lottery businesses have come up with many innovative twists on the classic scratch-off game and one of the best ones is from Ontario Lottery And Gaming Corporation (OLG), called Instant Bingo

Probably the main reason people love the instant Bingo scratch lottery game is because it plays just like the real bingo, and bingo is fun! You can win money on Instant Bingo many ways, including getting a straight line, 4 corners, a box, a “T, ” or an “X, ” just like the real game.

The ticket sells for just $3, making it relatively affordable compared to other instant scratch lottery games that could go of up to $20, or maybe even more. And, the odds aren’t too bad either. The odds of winning any prize are just 1-in-3. 14 and over 65% of revenue on the game is paid out in prize money. Prizes range from $3 to $50, 000, but, of course, everyone hopes to win the big one.

But maybe the greatest of playing Instant Bingo lure comes from the alternative of getting a win and screaming, “BINGO! ” If you’ve ever played Bingo, then you know the sheer thrill of screaming that word because it means that you’ve won and that means you get money.